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Keynote Speaker

Michele Zehr

Michele Zehr, a.k.a. Certain, is the Head Dame of the Central Virginia Chapter of Trail Dames and lover of everything Wild! Her life took a radical change in direction when she listened to that tug in her heart and decided to backpack the entire Appalachian Trail (2007/2008) despite having never backpacked before or even knowing what the word outfitter meant! This soul-journey led her to her current path of empowering women with Nature as a teacher. In 2013, Michele started her own business—WE2~Women’s Experiential Empowerment, LLC (www.we2empower.com)—where she offers women the opportunity to discover their own infinite potential and power through various types of experiential classes. Michele is a Leave No Trace Ethics instructor and will take over the role as Camp Director in 2015 for Camp Mabon, which is a powerful three-day nature-based camp offered each year to twelve women who identify as survivors of sexual abuse/assault. She hopes to move more permanently into offering these types of nature-based programs as Michele has not only witnessed but personally experienced the transformational powers of our sacred Mother Earth.