The Trail Dames Summit
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC - June 20-22, 2014


The Summit is a hiking and backpacking conference for women.

This three-day conference in Boone, North Carolina, includes hiking seminars, how-to classes, panel discussions on women’s hiking and hands-on workshops. We are celebrating women on the trails everywhere and our goal is to educate and inspire women so that they will spread the love of hiking and backpacking.


Come Join Us As We... a community of women that share the same love of the outdoors...
...listen to experts in the field share their knowlege and stories...
...become inspired to set out on new adventures...
...learn and test the latest in new gear...
...have a great time with fellow hikers!

To read more about the history of the Summit, visit here.



Why Boone?

The Boone Area is the perfect place to savor the most popular unit of the National Park System, the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Boone has the highest elevation (3,300 feet) of any town of its size (over 10,000 population) east of the Mississippi River. During summer, high temperatures in Boone are typically 76F or below, noticeably cooler than the lowland areas to the east and south. Summers are also considerably cooler than most parts of the Carolinas. Winters are colder with sleet and snowfall common.


For more information on the area, visit our Boone page.

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